Giva a man a fish you feed him for a day.

We teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime!


Our Services

Trinity Tree

Restoring Hope Center provides societal reentry services to despairing men in a positive and spiritually enriching environment, enabling them to feel secure, confident and hopeful. For this reason our members become equipped with the primary tools to be successful. In over 2 decades no member of Restoring Hope Center has ever committed a new offense while in our program, therefore Restoring Hope Center is the answer!

Preparatory Training

Restoring Hope Center provides room and board, spiritual enrichment, adult education, job and life skills development and training, motivational and self-esteem building, money management, saving, budgeting, stress control, problem solving and other educational courses that will prepare participants to re-enter society and lead a productive life.

Societal Re-entry

When incarcerated men get out of prison they are given $50.00 at the gate and $50.00 at parole to restart their life in the community. These individuals are returning to society with no skills and no money. In our belief this one major cause recidivism. Therefore by extending our services to the men who have been incarcerated, we give them a fair opportunity to be re-established in the job market by helping them gain employment. Another benefit our participants receive, is help getting out of the system. Restoring Hope Center has been able to guide men to successful completion of parole.

Mental Health

At Restoring Hope Center we realize that being mentally ill does not mean a person is totally incapacitated. It is a fact that structure adds stability and Restoring Hope offers rehabilitative structure. The founder of Restoring Hope Center also founded the Texas Mental Health Room and Board Association and teamed with the Department of Human Services & Senator Mike Moncrief to develop guidelines for all facilities that house people in the community with mental problems, to ensure the highest standard possible.


Restoring Hope Center provides Christian Counseling to each member of the program. We believe that counseling is essential if long term healing is to be achieved. A strong effort is made to get to the root of the problem and work from that point toward reaching a solution. Each person ha a uniue set of life experiences and are challenged by diverse situations, therefore a belief therapy program is designed using a "Whole-istic" strategy. When the "Whole" man is treated and counseled then the results formulate into a redirected lifestyle.

Drug Free Facility

Restoring Hope Center is seriously dedicated in keeping our facility drug free. We make every effort to ensure we are not contributing to the problem. The facility owns an AKC registered, certified narcotics detection Labrador Retriever named Estes. Estes has previously worked with the DEA and is in continuous training.