Giva a man a fish you feed him for a day.

We teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime!


About Us

Trinity Tree

Restoring Hope Center provides societal reentry services to despairing men in a positive and spiritually enriching environment, enabling them to feel secure, confident and hopeful. For this reason our members become equipped with the primary tools to be successful. In over 2 decades no member of Restoring Hope Center has ever committed a new offense while in our program, therefore Restoring Hope Center is the answer!

Our Beginning

Restoring Hope Center was born out of the need to provide for those in society that have been tossed aside for one reason or another, many due to mistakes that they themselves made yet others due to misfortunes beyond their control, as well as displaced veterans. These are the residents of Restoring Hope Center, a societal re-entry program for men, founded in 1996 by Vida Davenport. While participating in the Restoring Hope Center program they have a life coach, Christian counseling, and Christian teachers, who teach, instruct and guide them to become productive citizens again. While Restoring Hope Center is a Christian ministry, it is not under the umbrella of any church or denomination. Therefore less than 2% of its income comes through donations from churches or individuals. It is supported primarily by the men who live there. They get jobs, or other legal sources of income, and they pay a fixed amount to live in the Restoring Hope Center facility and participate in the program.

It was extremely difficult for most of these men to find jobs, even before the devastating blow dealt to our economy. These men have either been in prison for many years or have mental or other disabilities (sometimes all of the aforementioned). With so many qualified and highly qualified people out of work fighting for even the low wage jobs, society is being dealt an even larger blow. The current sentiment appears to be that there are no funds to aid our productive citizens, much less "ex-offenders". However, if a person confined for many years is released and have no place to live, cannot find a job or any resources to feed themselves, it is evident the outcome is quite hopeless. First of all  to shelter and food are the basics of survival and both require money . It is easy to conclude the inevitable, instead reintegrating into society; society becomes the prey and means of survival for that person. This is where Restoring Hope Graphics was conceived!

Our Focus

In order to continue the mission of Restoring Hope Center Inc. the Founders and staff had to resort to their own teachings and lead the way again for is program participants, by creating legal means of employment when no other means are entrusted in you. Restoring Hope Graphics was the answer, conceived under the same concepts that had made Restoring Hope Center Inc. a success for over 2 decades and that was "To Be Part of the Solution". It is for this reason that one of the primary goals of Restoring Hope Graphics was to develop a method to not only provide the customer with a product of the best quality and unmatched service but to also be of tangible benefit to the community and society as a whole. To satisfy this objective we developed our "Community Partnership" program. As part of our "Community Partnership" program Restoring Hope Graphics will partner with community organizations to develop fundraising projects that will not only pay the organization as a special commissioned sales representative but also provide for participant prizes to better ensure success. These are just two of the ways Restoring Hope Graphics is putting community first.

Why the Tree Logo

Many people ask us why did we choose the tree logo and that is better answered that “The tree chose us.” As explained in “The Beginning”, our founder, Vida Davenport also founded Restoring Hope Center Inc., as societal re-entry program for men. What wasn’t mentioned was how Restoring Hope Center Inc. was conceived, which was at a place called “The Tree” in Fort Worth, Texas. “The Tree” was actually a vacant lot were provisions were made, under a very large tree, to feed the homeless or "street people". This lot was the location an outdoor soup kitchen led by Sister Betty, every Wednesday to provide hot meals and ministry to the soul. You could say “The Tree” is the Father to Restoring Hope Center Inc. There was a news article written by Robert Philpot in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper’s Hometown Heroes section titled, “The Street is Her Pulpit”. This article accounts the amazing story of how the vision of Restoring Hope Center Inc. was revealed to Ms. Davenport (To read a copy of this article click here or the picture labeled “The Street is Her Pulpit” at the bottom of the page). That all explains why a tree in general as the logo; but why this particular type of tree? No, it is not the same type as “The Tree”. The tree in the logo is one of the North America's Bristlecone Pine Trees and known to be the oldest living (non-clonal) organisms on earth. California's "Methuselah" Bristlecone Pine is nearly 5,000 years and it has lived longer than any other (non-clonal) tree. The Bristlecone Pine is a multi-trunked tree with an average age of 1,000 years; a few have been known to survive over 4,000 years. These trees are more concerned with longevity than growth. A Bristlecone Pine trunk may grow less than 0.01 of an inch in girth per year and rarely top 60 feet in height. The Bristlecone Pine only lives in scattered, arid mountain regions of six western states of America, but the oldest are found in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains of California. There the pines exist in an exposed, windswept, harsh environment. The oldest Bristlecone Pines usually grow at elevations of 10,000 to 11,000 feet in isolated groves at and just below the timber line. Bristlecone Pines can survive on the dolomite and alkaline layers of soil in which few competitive species can. Bristlecone Pines are fairly common in the regions where they grow, however it is only the Bristlecone Pines in isolated, harsh environments that is able to grow to incredibly old ages.

Restoring Hope Center's focus and principles and our dedication to both is what marks us as “The Bristol Pine of the Industry”. As we have a primary focus towards benefiting the community and providing means of restoration of those who are “less desirable” to our society based on the principle “We Are One”, we place ourselves in the harsh environment of community enrichment among a profit driven industry.